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Pardon My Dust! Moving (Again) To A New Host

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need a shrink video
“I’m Mad As Hell and I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!”

That was the most popular phrase attributed to the movie, Network. But is almost fits how I feel. I rarely get mad. However, I definitely ain’t gonna take it anymore. Let me explain…

I cannot tell you the amount of frustration I feel when I attempt to access this site to find the site down again. My current host provider thought that moving it to a more robust

Hot Summer Fun That Keeps You Going

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Summer is here.battlerockbeach2
And while a few of my associates are planning to take trips far away, most have decided to stay close to home instead of traveling and paying high gas prices.

And Hollywood has heard our cry for much needed entertainment.

I think this summer will go down in history as the best summer ever for  Sci-Fi and Action Adventure movie releases. It will be the summer that will also handsomely reward Hollywood for thinking of us, the movie goer, by providing entertainment that is beyond cutting edge expectations.

And today’s film was no exception.

I just got back from viewing the new Hulk movie. With Edward Norton heading