Pardon My Dust! Moving (Again) To A New Host

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“I’m Mad As Hell and I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!”

That was the most popular phrase attributed to the movie, Network. But is almost fits how I feel. I rarely get mad. However, I definitely ain’t gonna take it anymore. Let me explain…

I cannot tell you the amount of frustration I feel when I attempt to access this site to find the site down again. My current host provider thought that moving it to a more robust server would be the answer.

It wasn’t.

Then came their blocking my IP address on their own server.
Weird…but it did occur. They STILL cannot tell me how that occurred.

Finally, there is the frequently intermittent DROPS of service where no one can see the site.
Again, no explaination.

Although I DID love Site5, their proprietary interface, their easy to use back office, the bottom line is UPTIME. Their uptime has suffered since they decided to stop managing their own servers and used a provider I no longer use due to repeated server issues. I was just about to post a new series of articles I anticipated would generate significant traffic when I found it down on Sunday.


This was the last thing I wanted to do before heading off to Alaska…but now it’s SO clear that I should have taken care of this weeks ago. Suffice it to say that the stress this has caused is just not worth it. So I’ve decided to move the site completely away from Site5. I have been testing one of my two top choices for the past couple of weeks….companies who MANAGE and oversee their servers on site.

So far, so good.

So…bear with me over the next 2-3 days as we move the site and propagate the DNSes.
: o/

P.S. I was just sent a link that MIGHT explain what is happening over there. The movie that show the many reasons why my website might be down is amusing. Caution: the end of it has a little adult humor versus content (no nudes). Here’s the link:

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