Conspiracy Theory or Delusion? You Decide…

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Today, I received a link from one of my Canadian friends who recalled our stop darfur genocide last conversation a few weeks ago regarding threats to our health due to nutrient deficient and genetically altered foods.  She stated that one of her good friends sent it to her…and that she was shocked by the film and thought I’d appreciate it. There isn’t an easy way to introduce this film except to say, "Watch it…then you decide. "

This is part 4, 5 and 6 of the documentary movie called, Esoteric Agenda. There are currently 13 parts.  I encourage you to watch them all. You can find the rest on You Tube. Let me know what you think!
Part 4 is below:

Part 5 – Fluoride, Aspartame and What is Codex Alimentarius?

Part 6 – A Rebuttal of Global Warming and Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ –
What is Agenda 21?

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