11 Deaths, 28 Miscarriages, 3461 Adverse Reactions: HPV Vaccine’s Dark Side

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The stories are coming in from the UK, Germany, Austria and girlAmerica. Teens, pre-teens and young women are dying after taking the HPV vaccine. A significant portion of women who took the vaccine while pregnant later miscarried. Millions have taken it in Europe and millions are targeted to take it in the US.

There has always been reason to question. But now, even more so. So, it begs the question, "Is the HPV vaccine really safe? "

If you ask the FDA, they’ll say YES…but they’ve said that about a variety of drugs that were later recalled or removed from the shelves because they weren’t safe…some that became rather evident after the field test.

So, can we trust them saying, "It’s safe!", to really mean something? 3500 people may disagree.

Apparently side effects such as paralysis, Bells Palsy, Guillian-Barre Syndrome and seizures have been reported. In the UK, reports of paralysis, coma and severe changes in menstrual cycles (moodiness, hormonal imbalance, severe bleeding) have been reported. One of the most alarming statistic was that out of 77 pregnant women who received the vaccine, 33 experienced side effects ranging from spontaneous abortion to fetal abnormalities.

These results come from the FDA’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Serious Reaction Reports as supplied by Judicial Watch, which launched a complaint against the FDA and filed suit to get these reports.

However the makers of the vaccine were not concerned over the statistic, stating that it mirrored what happens in the normal population.

Not concerned?
33 of 77 pregnant women having difficulty AFTER getting your vaccine isn’t something to be concerned about?
Hummm…when I was doing Ob-Gyn, a LACK of complications in young women was the norm. In this case we’re talking a 43% complication rate. That’s not normal!

There have been at least 11 reported deaths in the US and 3 in the UK of girls and young women dying DAYS after getting the HPV vaccine. This is alarming but not enough for the FDA to take another look at its safety.

Even the miscarriages would make one wonder if the vaccine was an incidental to this, or if maybe, just maybe, it caused it. When we have cautions on giving pregnant women drugs and supplements, WHY are we giving them the newest vaccine to hit the market? There is no long term data regarding safety and some short term data that does more than urge caution.

Giving this type of vaccine to a child has had my dander up for quite some time. Making it MANDATORY, well, thems fightin’ words. The proponents act like contracting HPV is similar to getting the common cold. No, you have to do a lot more than sneeze to get it. A LOT more. To me, a better solution would be to teach your kid on the value of abstinence…and let her decide when she’s of legal age whether to get the vaccine or not…with her having ALL the facts, including the potential dangers of this vaccine.

The danger lie in there being no longitudinal studies on the use of this vaccine in kids. My concern is that millions of girls and young adults will be subjected to unseen dangers, like sterility, other cancers or viruses that may be predisposed by this vaccine…not to mention, death.

It isn’t unheard of.

The problem that I didn’t think of that has a similar end effect as sterility, is that it may somehow interferes with them being able to bear children. Although I’ve looked for the data, I have no clue whether the miscarried fetuses were examined to see if there was any tie to each other.

Of course IF you don’t want to find a problem with your new vaccine, then you won’t want to look for them would you? The potential financial bonanza is huge.

In the UK, the cost for one of these in nearly $1000 in the private sector. So, IF these were being distributed in the school systems of say, the state of California, and they had TARGETED 1 million kids to get it, at that price point, the state would have paid out 1 BILLION dollars for this vaccine. Even at a discount, this is a big undertaking for something that is not contagious and can be prevented by abstinence.

So, what will it be?

In the book, Selling Sickness, Ray Moynihan  exposes how drug sellingsicknesscompanies  market their products by either redefining problems as diseases (like restless legs syndrome) or redefining a condition to encompass a greater percentage of the population. It details how collusion occurs between medical science and the drug industry because much of the funding for medical research and education is by drug companies. And many of lobbyist are for the pharmaceutical industry.

If you don’t recall this machine in action, let me give you a recent example. You learned that something called restless legs syndrome exists. The TV commercials and magazine articles educate you. It tells you that you don’t have to live with it. A drug exists that helps. By the 5th or 6th exposure, you’re wondering whether you have it. By the 10th, you may have already have asked your doctor for the drug you heard about on TV.

Same with the HPV vaccine.

What they don’t say is promiscuity plays a big part in the transmission of HPV. If you’re abstinent, it ain’t a problem. You can’t get it from toilet seats.  Plus there is no mention of treating men who often are carriers of HPV.

What about vaccinating little boys?
You still end up with the same potential problems aside from miscarriage.

Let’s look at recent history…

Over the past ten years, we’ve seen many drugs that were passed as ‘safe’ being taken off the market because they were not. Whether it is failure in the drug trials, intentional changes in the documentation prior to submission to the FDA, poor scrutiny on the FDA’s part or inappropriate conclusions, THIS type of thing is happening frequently nowadays. I do not assume that any new drug or vaccine is safe, ever. There are just too many parameters that are involved here…including graft and corruption.

How would you feel if it was your daughter that got seriously injured by this drug? How would you feel if any of your loved ones were harmed by any of the recently recalled medications that caused liver failure,  heart arrhythmias or death?

How would you have liked being one of the first recipients of the hepatitis vaccine that not only got hepatitis, but AIDS too? Oh yeah…you’d be dead, so you couldn’t comment.

WHY is there SUCH a rush to put this on the market and make it MANDATORY for girls to get?

Why mandatory?
I’m feeling something sinister here.

When has it been COMMON for young girls to die suddenly for no apparent reason? I do understand that common sense isn’t common anymore, but come on now…use your mind…something just isn’t right here. There is cause for caution. 

Judicial Watch had uncovered two document that detail a total of 3461 adverse reaction to the HPV Vaccine and includes as many as 11 deaths. Actually, they sued to get access to it. They have boldly questioned why are drugs with a distinct social agenda getting less scrutiny in the FDA approval process?

Yes, the HPV vaccine allegedly protects women (and girls) from cervical cancer but opens them up for what? Your guess is a good as mine.

Hopefully there will never come a time when we will be counting the costs of this experiment in lives needlessly compromised – giving this to millions of teens and pre-teens  – only to find that they are sterile, have deformed babies (if they can carry them to term), die unexpectedly or get some other horrible cancer.

Could this be one of the biggest field tests of a vaccine that MAY have an alternate agenda?
I shudder to think.

If you do not look for reasons to suspect this drug of some of these problems, you will ignore all evidence that suggests you should.

It comes down to this…

If you allow your daughter to take this shot and something bkid happens to her, how would you feel? How would you feel? I know how I would feel…and the amount of pain I would be in every day for making that decision would be excruciating and unyielding. I never ever want to put myself in that situation.

To me, the risk is too great. There is no amount of money that could compensate for this. No amount of money would bring her back or restore her health.

When the choice becomes the life of my child versus battling the school or local government system for their right to opt out, the choice is obvious.
Let me know what you think!

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Comments (130)

  • dr. j


    @ Dave

    Thanks for your comment.

    It’s not that abstinence is the ONLY solution… but it isn’t one that is even being approached as an option. Schools are not teaching this, just teaching sex educations, use of condoms and support giving this vaccine.

    There should be other options explored.

    As Naomi stated, the stats are 4000 women per year dying and that this vaccine ‘protects’ against 4 of the 100+ strains of HPV and more for the ones that cause warts than cancer.

    So…with that in mind, what is a 10 or 11 year old doing being sexually active anyway? Abstinence teaching worked very well when I was a kid. My father set that as the expectation. I knew better than to go against his wishes.

    I do understand it was a different time. However my father was clear about HIS expectations, and what would or would not happen in his house.

    And because both he and my schools approached it early, most of the kids in my school were also abstinent.

    As for the school system, your information is incorrect. I work directly with parents and teens IN several school systems that have REQUIRED this vaccine for their child to attend. It was only when they protested it that they were allowed to opt out.

    Several east coast states had considered making it mandatory but decided on the opt out provision.


  • dave


    Oh, and on a secondary note: There are no MANDATED vaccinations for US children. Look at the laws carefully: there are medical, ethical, and moral exceptions to all the “mandatory” vaccinations for school kids.


  • dave


    You had me up until you recommended abstinence as “THE” solution.

    Abstinence-only education is associated with, at best, no significant reduction in sexual activities, and at worst, an increased risk of STDs.

    Abstinence only education is not only ineffective, but is associated with greater harm to participants than to either non-participants or participants of programs that include education on contraceptives.

    The HPV vaccine may not be as safe as initially thought, and if so, it should (and will) be reevaluated.


  • dr. j


    @ Trisha

    Thanks for your comment and for sharing your feelings. As for your request for permission to re-post parts of this or link to it, why not do both? The link will be much appreciated.

    Continued best wishes to you and yours.


  • Trisha


    I applaud your article. I have a healthy skepticism for any new vaccines, treatments, medications that arise claiming to be the save-all, be-all of an illness. The commercials make it appear as if this drug is your one and only way of not contacting HPV. How about ethics? How about a heart to heart with a mentor, your mom, a close relative, your doctor even, about the benefits and the 100% security of abstinence? Why is it pre-destined that every teen will have sex with many partners before marriage? Not only girls, but boys too. Even the suggestion of a mandatory injection of a vaccine to prevent something that my daughter, if following the morals I’ve brought her up with, will never have to deal with, brings goose bumps to my skin. The advertising also makes it seem like this is a 100% prevention. It’s not. As a previous poster pointed out, preventing 4 out of 100 strains from infecting you is not worth the more devastating, likely side effects of the drug. And recognize, their very own commercials state, “may protect, from certain strains, which may cause cervical cancer” There are too many ‘mays’ for my tastes, thank you.
    To me, it is similar to the yearly pushing of a ‘flu vaccine’ here in the northern states. What the commercials don’t tell you is that when you are plopping down your $50 fee for the shot, you are in fact being injected with a vaccine that was concocted to fight the previous year’s most common strain of influenza. The drug companies make an educated guess as to which strain will be the most prevalent, and then the shot protects you against that one. No mention that there are often more than a dozen various strains of influenza floating around yearly. But hey, you’re protected against one of them, and the company has your money. Everyone’s happy, right? Um. No. There’s something wrong with this picture.
    There are far too many unanswered questions in the realm of this vaccination. In my family, we’ll be sticking to old fashioned common sense, morals, and that yearly pita known as a pap smear.

    ps. may I have permission to re-post parts of your article on my blog? Or shall I just link to it?


  • lily


    “But when was the last time a vaccine for something that was not contageous was made MANDATORY? Like never.”

    Actually, tetanus.

    But no, I don’t agree with this vaccine, and I’ve had mild to moderate dysplasia for the past 7 yrs (treated with cryotherapy and LEEP)- think I’m clear now. I don’t appreciate the insinuation that only bad girls will get this virus- it only takes one, and it could easily be your husband on your first time. What I really don’t agree with is that HPV is generally a dangerous disease- it’s not. Even actual cervical cancer is highly treatable and curable. I think it’s a no brainer- we KNOW how to prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV, with routine paps and many possible treatments (cryo, LEEP, laser, cone)- we DON’T know how to treat people suffering from the after affects of these vaccines. I don’t believe that the only reactions are the severe ones- how many other girls have become ill or had immune system or reproductive damage after this vaccine that haven’t *yet* been reported? Once a vax is on the market, you’re hard pressed to get the doctors to admit something they’ve administered may have been actually harming their patients. This is one of the many reasons we need MUCH more control over clinical trials in vaccines. The truth is, this vaccine was recommended to me even though I was still having abnormal paps, because my well meaning OB doesn’t understand that the data actually shows this vax INCREASING the risk of cancer for patients who are already infected. Boosting the immune system and regular paps are the best ways to avoid HPV related dysplasia- NOT a vaccine that is poorly understood and poorly tested.


  • dr. j


    @ Naomi,
    Thank you for your comment, your statistic on cervical cancer deaths, the strains that this vaccine is supposed to protect against and the resource links.

    Anyone wanting to take a more thorough look at the issue will find gold in the related material your referenced. Thanks again for your contribution.

    I appreciate you!


  • Naomi


    I like your article. It’s just one more thing to think about.
    In reference to the whole “saving women from cervical cancer” thing… There are several things that bother me about that statement.
    First, HPV is associated with cervical cancer. There have not been any studies to date that definitively state that HPV is the CAUSAL factor in cervical cancer; a hefty portion of those who develop cervical cancer after contracting HPV are smokers, and there is some speculation that it must be a synergistic effect that causes cervical cancer.

    Additionally, since the vaccine only guards against a total of 4 out of over 100 strains of HPV, it’s not total protection, even if everyone DID have the desired reaction to the vaccine. According to Merck’s own statistics, they estimate that it is only 70% effective against the strains that “cause” cervical cancer. It’s actually more effective against genital warts. (90%). They ought to be calling it the “genital warts” vaccine… but that doesn’t sound so scary, does it?

    The other concern is that cervical cancer kills less than 4,000 women a year; that number is so low because women remember to go and get their yearly pap so they will know if they need to do something to stop early cervical cancer. If women think they’re “protected” against it, why would they go? So there is also the potential for the number of women not finding out they have cervical cancer until it’s too late to do anything about it skyrocket.
    Anyhow, I just thought you might like to know some little tidbits like that. 🙂
    There was a really good article about this in Mothering Magazine back in May/June 2007. Check out this list of references for more information: http://www.mothering.com/articles/growing_child/vaccines/guard-against-gardasil-notes.html


  • Vanessa


    I enjoyed your article and found your concerns to be warranted.

    When I first heard about the HPV vaccine, it definitely sounded like a good idea…perhaps too good to be true. As is too often the case, such medicines and vaccines are too readily approved without any real history of research. We are in an age where, if a drug has short-term positive results, it will be approved, and then doled out to millions, regardless of what long term effects may lie ahead.

    It’s all a big money machine in my opinion. We have to be vigilant when it comes to keeping up with side effect studies of recently released medications, because the drug company is not going to suddenly yank it from us if it is not causing “mass destruction” of a sort.

    I know that initial intentions are usually good when a medicine is developed to cure an illness, but there is such desperation to heal all ills that medicines and vaccines are being “hurried along”, without knowing what may lie ahead.

    I definitely encourage everyone to be as informed as possible with what little information we are given as consumers. Thanks for the thought-provoking material!
    THANK YOU – Vanessa


  • dr. j


    @ Sharon
    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, some of those sides effect were like weakness, nausea and less than death. However, I DO think that neurological problems, coma, paralysis, seizures…ARE pretty significant side effects…and the very serious ones are 10% of the big number.

    We don’t know how many people have received the vaccine YET in America…so these reports are from the data that comes from the FDA.

    In Europe, they have more experience and we do not have that data. The UK has just started giving it out and news reports have statements that this will be MANDATORY for 6 graders.

    So, when the big numbers come for processing, we’ll then be able to say whether 0.01% have severe risks or not…and better identify risk factors. Again, the field test is ongoing.

    That’s THE concern.

    California went on record last spring with plans to make this vaccine mandatory…and that parents who objected would have to opt out in writing or their child gets it.

    Several other eastern states that had notions of making it mandatory are becoming a bit softer with it…having an opt out clause.

    Even in Michigan, one of my clients was told that she HAD to have her daughter get this. When we discussed some of the potential risks (and I didn’t have this data at the time), I stated that, as a parent, she has a right to choose NOT to for her kid…and that’s what she did.

    She was never given any information on the vaccine, just told her daughter HAD to get it to attend school. Here, they were talking about making the meningococcal vaccine mandatory, as there were several outbreaks in Lansing going on.

    And that IS contageous and can kill you quickly, no questions about that!

    For years, people had HPV outbreaks and many only had warts to deal with. Now it’s being heralded as a killer. Many of the ladies I know that had warts never got cervical cancer. They also chose to keep their sexual history limited.

    Just something to think about…


  • Sharon


    First of all, this vaccine will not be made mandatory. The governor of Texas caused a splash when he thoughtlessly said he would make it mandatory. The legislature shot that right down.

    But your figure of 3461 “adverse reactions”…that could mean anything. Itchiness around the injection site is considered an “adverse reaction.” Mild fever would also be considered a reaction. And 11 deaths from what cause? Could it be that some of those women had preexisting conditions like Type 1 diabetes or asthma? The statistic about miscarriages and fetal abnormalities is more troubling. But did they receive the vaccine before or after they conceived? Are they even recommending this vaccine for pregnant women?

    All I know is that people are frequently harmed from vaccines, but the number is still lower than the number who would be harmed if vaccines didn’t exist. HPV is serious. Cervical cancer is serious. You can’t count on abstinence.


  • dr. j


    @ Lisa,
    Thanks so very much for your comment…and adding the wonderful historical data on DES. You’re a kindred spirit!

    Having gone through medical school and epidemiology and medical ethics training, I’ve been able to not only do and review data from field studies, but also review historical data from drugs and vaccines that harmed people. ALL were heralded as SAFE.

    I also remember reviewing the case for thalidomide – when they gave it to pregnant women to calm them and ended up with deformed kids as thalidomide targeted their limb buds and stopped them from growing. They ended up with flippers.

    There were other vaccines that gave permanent neurological impairment and seizures. Their rewards for this: government health insurance for life and disability checks. I don’t find this a good return on risk.

    I’ll head over to the links you referenced.

    Regarding abstinence, yes, you’re right…your daughter may not listen. Unfortunately, I’m finding a lot of parents are not even breeching this topic. They ASSUME their daughter will be promiscuous and just take them in to get birth control. And that’s sad…because it sends the message that it’s ok for them to do…instead of set the expectation that you prefer for them not to be active…out of love for them.

    Be well.


  • dr. j


    @ S. Tennant…

    Thanks again for your post.
    I’ll keep the points you make in mind.



  • Lisa S.


    my apologies, the link for the Wiki article should also include (medicine), don’t know why it didn’t make the link, just be sure to put (medicine) after it. I guess ‘cut & paste’ doesn’t always work………


  • dr. j


    @ Tamara,
    Thanks again for your comment.

    I wrote this post to get people to think and I’ve been mulling over it for over 6 months. I agree, there may NOT be a conspiracy.

    But when was the last time a vaccine for something that was not contageous was made MANDATORY? Like never.

    So, that’s my point. Something else may be behind this. Only time will tell.

    I appreciate your stopping by to comment.


  • Lisa S.


    I’m curious as to what results were in clinical trials and how long the trials lasted and what age the females were. Then again, it wouldn’t suprise me if the results were skewed to start with, the pharmacutical companies have to make their new money making drug look good on paper.

    While I can understand the comments of the previous folks who left comments, I cannot agree with them. Yes, the vaccine can be useful, BUT…………… keep in mind again, how many drugs and vaccines were supposed to be ‘helpful’ and were later pulled, then figure in there are many more vaccines and medicines that have lots of reports of serious side effects, even DEATH, and they’re still on the market.

    Remember DES (Diethylstilbestrol)? For those who don’t, it was a drug given to women back in the 1940’s & 50’s to pregnant women for morning sickness and to prevent miscarraige. Worked great I suppose, but there was a big problem that wasn’t noticed until years later……… the children of these women had many problems ranging from their own inability to carry a baby to term, babies with birth defects, various forms of cancer including cervical and a rare vaginal cancer in younger women, and since 2002 has been linked to breast cancer as well. That’s just the tip of the iceburg on just ONE drug. Look it up at http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/articles/DES_Miscarriage_Cancer.html and do a Google search as well.

    You can also find links for various reporting agencies in the USA, Canada, and Australia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adverse_effect_(medicine). Please read.

    Oh, and yes, I do lay blame in the USA with our government. I have a young daughter, and while I plan to teach ABSTINANCE it doesn’t mean she’ll listen to me. The idea of the government MANDATING certain vaccines or medicines for certain conditions scares the HELL out of me. If it doesn’t scare you, then you haven’t done yourself the courtesy of being informed, but hey, that’s OK, the government likes you just the way you are!

    Don’t even get me started on ADHD and medications for that “condition”………….


  • dr. j


    @ Bruce
    Thanks for your comment.

    By the way…the misspellings are INTENTIONAL. I got A+es in english, an completed college english before I graduated HS.

    I am not equating RSL with HPV…it’s an example for people to see the mechanism of propaganda.

    Many of my patients who are kids state that their parents never had the talk about sex with them. So, they are left to peer pressure and the world around them to get their cues. Many of these parents do not any specific religious affiliation so they aren’t getting them there.

    The problem is…if your child becomes a statistic…whether they are sexually active or not. Death or neurological impairment is a heavy price to pay for this vaccines.

    Thanks again.


  • Tamara


    I share your concern over the adverse reactions of the vaccine. I am a licensed professional and my daughter, aged 12, did NOT receive it. I think pregnant women should wait until after delivery to be vaccinated. I cannot see a conspiracy, however, and I do think there is value in protecting women from cervical cancer. Men are not treated because they do not develop cancer from carrying HPV. Women become infected and do develop cancer. Saving women from cancer deaths IS important.

    On a more cautionary note, the more inflammatory your argument, the more likely it is to be dismissed as hysteria. You have a good argument; please present it carefully so it is not misjudged.


  • S Tennant


    I agree with many of your points; however, I think this is a message which needs to be presented with the minimum of hysteria and the maximum of well-researched, cold hard scientific fact. Bringing in issues such as abstinence is likely to simply get you written off as ‘wacky religious right’; and using emotional tactics such as ‘How would you feel if your daughter was vaccine-damaged?’ is suspiciously similar to the tactics used by vaccine proponents (notably, ‘How would you feel if your daughter died of cervical cancer?’). Both statements are empty appeals to emotion–of course a parent will suffer if her child suffers!–but ultimately irrelevant. You could strengthen your case by sticking to the statistics. And indeed, those statistics are disturbing, as is the fact that the Government is happy to test a vaccine on pregnant women (!). THOSE are the facts which need to be repeated–calmly and clinically–in order to get the message out.


  • Bruce Pilgrim


    You make a compelling argument about the way drug companies push drugs into the marketplace, including some drugs that treat conditions we didn’t know we had.

    Equating HPV with restless leg syndrome is a bit over the top. HPV is a very real serious condition, while RLS is at worst an irritant.

    I also don’t buy your conspiracy theory in which the government somehow wants to give young girls a license to be promiscuous. I think the HPV program is well-intentioned, if not well thought out.

    Some young girls will be sexually active whether we like it or not, no matter what their parents might require of them. So, abstinence isn’t really a realistic alternative to the treatment.

    Finally, I strongly advise you to take all of this text and run it through a spell checker. Too many mis-spellings can hurt the credibility of your argument.


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