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Sneaky Little Sneaker

Written by dr. j. Posted in Rants

Well what a week!

You may be saying the same thing too. The 4th has come and gone…and hopefully SOON this 93+ degree whether will do the same.

I didn’t get to fire off any fireworks, primarily because I can’t run from them IN CASE they were packed wrong (come shooting out AT me) – I just love all the colorful ones.

Oh well…there’s always next year.

This week one of those sneaky little sneakers (or should I say ‘dirty rats’) showed his little head – and put a pounding to me. Guess that ends this little relationship. I’ll explain…

I see a physical therapist – one who borrows the clues she has, AND her boss who has a better grip on things. Well, I had to pleasure of being tortured by her boss until…

he SNUCK something in a really tried to hurt me.

Some people FLINCH at pain, some people guard their efforts to avoid pain. Well, for me, I know what my current limitations and what I can do, comfortably or uncomfortably. I push myself probably harder than most AND I am aware