Damn Mosquitoes

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Well, it’s finally gone from a cold spring right into summer. And that means hot, hot, HOT! And hot means,


Drat, I swear I can hear them at the door, sharpening their chompers, just waiting until I come out to feast.

What the heck do you do about them, especially if you live near a wetland?

Well, live NEAR a wetland is an oxymoron. It is like the majority of the state of Michigan IS a wetland. And worse yet, a river runs through it. In my case, that river is about 30 feet away.

So I’m told that whatever we do for the problem near me will be quite ineffective because of the river behind me. I usually remark that I see no citronella plants anywhere are the property. I don’t see any bat boxes either.

That just begs one curious observation:

What happened to West Nile?

Interesting that a bug that was not seen on the face of the earth until a few years ago has gone quiet after making such a splash in this marshy climate and across the US. I haven’t heard a single story in the past 3 months about it.

So what happened to the West Nile virus?

Was it a fluke? A test drop of a biological agent? A designer bug? How could it disappear without a trace?

Actually, it’s not yet gone, but is not making headlines. The most recent CDC report indicate only 4 cases in the US, with the states reporting them being Colorado, Texas and Mississippi.

Why the dramatic drop in cases?

Your guess is as good as mine. But for now, I’ll leave you to your own conclusions…and keep myself doused in Deep Woods Off!

dr. j

“The truth is out there.”

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  • dr. j



    Thanks for the resource for organic gardening products. I couldn’t find your solution for mosquitoes though. Where would I find it?



  • Dallas Nikolai


    Our company has the solution to mosquitoes. !100% chemical free, water based product. Enjoy your backyard again pest free!


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