World’s Greatest Athlete Reveals 4 Keys to Success

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I’ve always wanted to meet him…The World’s Greatest Athlete…

…and a couple of years ago, I did.

He pulled off a feat that would never ever be equaled. The year was 1976. It was the last year of the single network monopoly over the Olympics. Millions of eyeballs awaited the ultimate showdown. And one American had the chance to really make history…

The event – the decathalon. 10 separate events done over 2 days. The 100 meter dash, long jump, shotput, high jump, and 400 meters race are done on the first day (in that order). The second day’s events include pole vault, javelin, 110 meter hurdles, discus and 1500 meter run. This grueling event is a test of endurance, of conditioning, of will.

One man sacrificed everything, put his life on hold to focus single mindedly on the task…to WIN the Olympics.

And he did much more than that.

He captivated the world and scored 8,634 points, shattering the world record. His indomitable spirit and determination earned him the title, the World’s Greatest Athlete. That man is Bruce Jenner.

I’m not so sure why I wanted to meet him. Maybe it was because I was into track and field. Maybe because I know how awesome a shape you have to be in to even attempt to do a decathalon, let alone be world class. Maybe because I feel he won the GOLD for me too…

Well I got to meet Bruce, to hear him speak and to learn of his subsequent triumphs. Bruce is very successful, both in his business and family life. He has done much more than any athlete since 1976. And, he is truly an entrepreneur.

Bruce stated that there are 4 Keys to Success :
Gamble, Cheat, Lie and Steal.

  • gamble – dare to take risks
  • cheat – cheat those who would hold you back
  • lie – believe in the love you have from others
  • steal – steal every moment of time

Bruce states that it’s all about commitment. You must 1) make a concrete, gut wrenching decision about what you want out of life (Bruce wanted to WIN the decathalon, period). Then 2) place yourself in an enviornment to learn and grow (Bruce moved to Santa Monica to train with the world’s best athletes. It couldn’t help but improve his game). 3) Put fear behind you.

It’s not enough to compete against someone else. You must compete with yourself on a daily basis, hourly basis and minute-to-minute basis.

“Always believe in the power of YOU!”

So true, Bruce, so true.

That’s how you find the champion within.

There’s alot you can learn from Bruce Jenner and his story. I encourage you to hear him speak live or pickup his book, “Finding the Champion Within : A Step-by-Step Plan for Reaching Your Full Potential.” I’m sure that it must contain more insight and pearls of wisdom. Bruce went from Olympic Gold to the owner of multiple multimillion dollar corporations, including a jet company. So, there must be something to this.

It worked for Bruce!


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