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New Resource Directory Launched

Written by dr. j. Posted in Health Matters

“You asked for it, you’ve got it.”

I get asked all the time about various health and wellness issues, usually centering on ailments, how to treat them, and what I recommend. Just the other day, a couple of my friends put the screws to me, so to speak. Heck, they didn’t even know I had a website – “Hello…I’ve only had a site up continuously since 1996”.

(That comment is for them). But they had a valid point…a truly valid point.

I come across SO many good sites that offer unique products and services that I’m testing, want to test or just want to LOG to come back and try later…especially so I won’t lose them before I can share them with you.

I was also approached by several webmasters about listing their sites here, essentially ‘sharing’ their resources with you. Well, some of their stuff is really good – I mean have you ever heard of salt candles? I haven’t. How about blue peel? Man just looking at that woman’s picture day after day with that ‘stuff” on her face made sure that I’d never put myself through that torture.

But you may.

So, because there is a lot of good stuff out there, I said “YES”, with one condition. I had to look at each site and APPROVE them before they could be listed here. Now I’ll warn you that some of them COULD change after I approve them. If they do, and you find anything offensive or unusable, just let me know and I’ll kill their link.

Fair enough?


The resource directory will be of information, goods and services that can help you improve your health, fitness and manage your stress. Plus, there are some links to relax at, like specialized travel sites to Cypress and South Africa.

Well…it’s 2:34AM and time for me to get some shut eye.

You can click the link below to get the the directory. It’s about a week old.

Click here for Health Resources Directory


aka Dr. J

Can Your Energy Drink Keep You Going When You’re On Empty?

Written by dr. j. Posted in Product Reviews

The energy drink phenomena has been sweeping the US. You’d have to be living under a rock to not notice it. The success of drinks like Red Bull are testaments to this. Even Gatorade has gotten a big surge in profits due to American’s desire for instant energy.

But why the success?

Well, just take a look around you. Americans are keeping a way too hectic pace. We want more out of life and, for many reasons, we just don’t have the energy to do everything we want to do.

So we drink lattes, pop ephedra or douse our thirst with the latest sugar-laden energy drink.

Maybe you do this too!

However MUCH of what is out there tastes absolutely horrible. Most lack any real science behind them. Most lack the basic blocks to really supercharge your performance from the inside out…inside your cells that it.

Until now.

A new energy drink was recently released to the market that works by nourishing your cells. The formulator claimed that their drink could optimize performance by optimizing the

Hocus Pocus, Blood Letting and Voodoo

Written by dr. j. Posted in Rants

You might be wondering what the title has to do with health?

Well, when I was training, I was offered several residencies in fields completely different from the one I eventually chose. I recall one of the doctors telling me, “Why are you doing that hocus pocus stuff? You should be doing real medicine. You’re good at it!”

I didn’t take it as anything but a well-meaning comment.
Most people go ‘gaga’ when it comes to dealing with the human mind.

Now guess what they do when I talk about energy spheres, bioelectrical matrices, aromacology, cutting edge nutrition or health augmentation techniques that have nothing to do with drugs or modern medicine? You’re right, they THINK I’ve lost my mind.

But that’s furthest from the truth.

What THEY see as barbaric, primitive or practises close to that of the legendary witch doctors have been studies by leading researchers of pharmaceutical companies looking to develop a DRUG that can do THAT.

The problem is that while drugs are effective, the are not natural and CANNOT be as effective as certain natural remedies in specific instances and situations. Hey when it comes to yeast infections, I’ll be the first to get Monistat. However I will never trust my basic everyday health to a drug company. The reasons will