Drugs In Your Drinking Water? Say It Isn’t So!

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water A new report today from the Associated Press revealed an alarming finding:  numerous pharmaceutical drugs in drinking wateryour municipal drinking water.

41 Millions Americans are estimated to be exposed.

The type of drugs found? Pain meds (tylenol, motrin), seizure drugs, mood stabilizers, steroids, cholesterol and asthma meds, and even antibiotics and drugs that treat mental illness showed up on analysis.

The worse city cited in the article? Philadelphia – 56 drugs were found in treated drinking water.  Even more were found in the watersheds. It appears that most major metropolitan areas are affected to some degree.

So how are these drugs getting into your drinking water? Some are leaching in. Many are never completely removed by water treatment facilities.  The potential health risks of this type of exposure is unknown. To learn more, read the original article here

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