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Not So Random Musings…About Control!

Written by dr. j. Posted in Rants

We are rapidly approaching the middle of August (yes already) and I am sobered to reflect on the first half of the year…and all the efforts mounting to take away your freedom not only to choose your health solutions, but to monitor and record what you do in your everyday life. The onerous new health care policy includes phraseology which says IF they determine you are to be vaccinated, you HAVE to take it. That’s not good.

FDA Issues New Warning

On July 30th, the FDA issued a WARNING against the use of MMS. Who knows IF any of these people followed the instructions of how to use it. I doubt it. I’ve used it and had great results. Some people started putting info up saying it’s not safe. Well, just ask the people on their deathbeds from AIDS or Hepatitis in Africa who took it and returned to their families and work in 72 hours. Ask them if this was dangerous or a salvation. Jim Humble has dedicated his life to bringing awareness to the masses about MMS. His work speaks for itself. You can find it at MiracleMineral.org and download the first half of his book for free at http://miraclemineral.org/part1.php

God gave us a brain so we could search, study, weigh the evidence and count the costs. Then it is up to you what you choose to do. Be careful of whom you blindly listen to.

HPV Vaccine Revisited

Just a week or so ago, I saw some stats that probably did not make it to front page new about the results of the HPV vaccine. Two of the predictions I made actually have been verified. One, that it really would not protect against cancer. That is being seen, that people who took that vaccine are still getting cervical cancer.

The second was the more insidious one – that infertility would be a results. That is also being proven out. Of course, it will be a few years before 11 and 12 year olds see

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