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My apologies…

I THOUGHT that this hosting nightmare would be over. But apparently it is not.

After a week (actually TWO) of trying to get my NEW host to even answer their phones or their online chat window, I’ve given up.

I’m not sure what I’ve lost from my database files, but this was just ridiculous. I kept the backup site active as a precaution. I’m glad I did (although I FORGOT to update the database).

So, for right now, we are running from the backup site. I will search for a NEW host (already talked to one for a different project) and, for the time being, operate from here.

My concern is WHAT is going on that companies such as MidPhase would not only go down, but not answer phones, chat windows or email requests for assistance? They manage their own servers. So, I wouldn’t think this would be a problem for them.

Guess I was wrong.

Looking forward to sharing some of my Alaska trip with you.
Until then…

p.s. Is there a LIGHT way of looking at this? When I think of my frustration with these host problems that continue, I recall the movie below. It makes it a little easier, the load a bit lighter.

Note: As of Nov 13, 2011, this video has been viewed over 1.2 million times. It has spawned a series of follow up videos. This movie that showcases the many reasons why my website might have been down…and it is amusing. Caution: the end of it has a little adult humor versus content (no nudes).

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