Kick Off Your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals With The Long Hard Fix

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longhardfixWant to get in shape, lose weight and look marvelous? Looking for a proven  plan of action? Well you’re in luck. Fitness expert, Jonathan Fields, has just released his 219 page training manual online.

Yes, it’s a book…but more than just that. It covers food choices, exercise regimens, environmental influences, mindset and even includes a daily plan of action.  Jonathan even tackles some of the myths of the diet and exercise industry. This book has some real juice in it. And it mirrors a lot of what I’ve used over the past 35 years in my own training and with clients.

Heck, there’s even an 84 outrageous day plan that will rock your world.

I have no idea how long Jonathan is going to keep this on his blog. It’s 1:10AM right now as I am writing this (yes, I should be in bed). So if you want to get it, zip over there right now. You’ll probably enjoy reading his blog as well.

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