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What Is Wellness?

Written by dr. j. Posted in Health Matters

There is a major movement in America towards the concept of ‘wellness’. Other countries have accepted this as their baseline doctrine for thousands of years. Now we in the U.S. are moving towards a better understanding of it…and how to integrate it into our lives.

But the question remains: “What is wellness”?

I don’t think ‘wellness’ is just the opposite of ‘sickness’. It is not about warding off bad things…but more about keeping in

Whatever Happened to the Asian Flu?

Written by dr. j. Posted in Health Matters

For a while there, we heard about it with seeming regularity.

Then nothing!

Whatever happened to what was being touted as potentially the biggest vector mediated threat to human existance?

I was wondering that myself and revisited the pandemic flu map below.

World Pandemic Map

Unfortunately, it hadn’t been updated. Then I found the updated document which gives details more about what has been happening around the world with this outbreak. Check out the document link below to get yourself updated.

Update On The Asian Flu pdf