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When You’re Tired Of Fighting The Blues

Written by dr. j. Posted in Depression

Summer is just around the corner.

And my office has been full of people who somehow cannot embrace the energy that surrounds them because…

they’ve got the blues!

Yep depression has hit mighty hard this year. Usually as we get into the warmer weather, most people ‘trend up’ with their emotions. This year has been most notably for over 90% of my clients trending DOWN with their emotions…that is, into depression.

Why is this year so different?

Maybe it is because winter started last August. For the first time since I’ve been alive, August was COLD and wet – not the usual picture for the month noted for its hot summer nights. And September was also cold for at least 1/2 of it.

Then October had the first snows, which were expected due to the early cooling. And this year…

winter dragged on

Maybe in was the bitter arctic front that made its way down for several weeks in an area it usually never visits.

Maybe it is a combination of all of these factors. All I know is…depression is so common here that it isn’t unusual for in a conversation to find that one out of ever 2 or 3 folks in my office are ON an antidepressant.

So, how do you fight off the blues when good weather seems to be bringing it out of you?

First, if you feel like you’re sinking in quicksand,

Another Section Bites The Dust

Written by dr. j. Posted in Health Matters

Well, someone has been VERY busy out there with comment spam.

So, until I can find a really good solution to stop it, I am turning off comments. Actually, if any are written, NONE will go through. Unfortunately, those who are doing it are using an automated program…so they will never SEE this message.

We are designing a sister site and will be testing new technology there before upgrading this site.

I apologize in advance for the inconvenience.