Just Like Milk, It Does The Body Good

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There is one thing that is a foundation of good health, especially in today’s world.

And it goes beyond vitamins, beyond nutrition, beyond fitness and exercise.

Beyond sleep!

It will do more to help offset the ravages of today’s world. And is a MUST for a modern society.

What is it?

A detoxification program.

Yes, you can do everything right and get smacked in the face with illness, cancer, immune system breakdown and even worse if you forget this one thing.


Because despite what the media might state, we are losing the battle of good health. As our foods become more and more devitalized, as our water, air and living enviornment become more and more polluted, something gives…and it is usually our health.

Just spend a day reading the labels of the stuff you buy, from deoderants, to lotions, to shampoos and conditioners, to prepackaged foods and dinners. And start researching what the growers of the imported vegetables are putting on your foods BEFORE they come into this country. It’s a real shocker that stuff that was banned in the U.S. is being used there and, well, you get to eat it IF you eat those foods…as well as suffer the health consequences…and they’re not good.

It’s in there.

They are LOADED with chemicals.

Chemicals just love to store in the fat of our bodies. And at some magical moment, they tilt the balance from health to an unhealthy medium where all sorts of bad stuff just thrives.

So what’s a body to do?


However detox is not as simple as the infomercials might lead you to believe.

Yes, the colon plays an important part. However that is just one part of the puzzle.

What about the blood? What about the tissues?

What about all the stuff that is circulating in your body, that you breathe in, ingest in, smear on your face and body, what about that stuff?

It goes into the blood and tissues – and correct me, but that isn’t the gut or colon.

So a good detox program must incorporate cleaning out the colon AND detoxifying the tissues and blood.

That requires MORE than just a colon cleanser full of psyllium and bentonite.

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be looking into different methods of detoxifying your body from heavy metal, chemicals and toxins.

It’ll be an eye opener. Stay tuned.

dr. j

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