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What’s The Beef With Beef?

Written by dr. j. Posted in Rants

I love beef.

Nothing satisfies like a prime cut of beef tenderloin
, especially if it’s sauteed in fresh garlic and butter…

except Beef Wellington.

I grew up eating beef…and lots of it. Our freezer was full of steaks, soup bones, roasts, short ribs and ground beef.

I remember a time when we kids would say, “Not steak again today!” People at school thought we were crazy!

So, you get the gist that we ate beef alot. And so did my folks. However no one in my family had or has had heart disease. No one has high cholesterol.

So why the bad rap for beef?

Well it doesn’t help when wellness guru’s bash beef as though it has always been a pariah.

It hasn’t.

Even though I cringe when I think of it now, my father used to love to eat that rim of fat on his porterhouses.

Still no heart disease.

Again, why the beef with beef?

Well, let’s first defer to your ancestors. But since I don’t know your ancestors, let’s start

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