One of the BEST Ways Left to Cool Off

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As the song goes:

“Baby it’s HOT outside…” – or something like that.

One of America’s favorite ways of cooling down is…

Ice Cream!

Yep…and it doesn’t matter what the naysaying, calorie loathing, media hyping, ‘you’re too fat’ bunch say. All you have to do is take a look at the lines inside the Dairy Queen at the end of the block to know that their business is booming.

Well…for those of us that know exactly what I’m talkin’ about, that is, the delicious rewards of good ice cream on a hot summer’s day, I found an article for you on the history of ice cream.

Hey, if I ever find that good ole french vanilla custard recipe my father forever spoiled my palate with, I’ll post it here.

But until then, enjoy the rewards of a hot summer…and the article below.

A Long History of Ice Cream

aka Dr. J

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