Are We Starting To See A New Push For Fuel Efficient Cars From Abroad? BMW 500 Mile Car

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bmw clean car

Today, BMW announced that it would be adding two new fuel efficient vehicles to its fall line. These cars will perform like a BMW, have 30% greater fuel efficiency than similar models, be cleaner burning and will get over 500 miles on a single fill up.

But the big news is that these cars will not be a hybrid. No…they will be diesel. The last time I rode in a diesel car was 1981;  it was my uncle’s diesel Mercedes. Back in the early ’80s, that car was getting 55 mpg. I can only surmise that BMW will do this one better. They most definitely will improve on the ride and acceleration of my uncle’s car.

I remember when Nissan advertised its Maxima several years back that could go over 700 miles per fueling – it think it also had a bigger tank. That was the first and last year that commercial was run.

All I can say is, "It’s about time SOMEONE started making vehicles again that come close to the mpg’s I got in the past." I had a 1988ish Nissan 200SX that got 42-45 mpg and a ’93 Honda Civic LX that got 44-46mpg. Now, nearly 15 years later, automakers are boasting of cars that get 26-32mpg, including Honda. That just doesn’t make sense! With all the improvements in technology, we should be getting MORE mpg, not less.

Leave it to BMW to step up to the plate to give me a reason to wait on getting that Audi. At $3+ dollars per gallon for gas (nearly $4 for high test), I could use a vehicle that gets 50 mpg. Maybe you can too?  You can read more about the announcement here.

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