Going For Broke: The Challenge Begins…

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patagonia glacier Some of you are aware that I have been recuperating from an injury that took out my ability to walk nearly 2 years ago. Since that time, I’ve graduated from wheelchair to walker, then to crutches…and finally off them about 10 months after the initial injury.

Walking without crutches was a big feat. Climbing stairs and running has been the biggest challenge. Just the stairs issue alone has kept me away from my shoot in Peru.

ushuaia However last year, my leg was steady enough to let me venture back  to Patagonia, hiking poles in hand. It was a big step. I knew I couldn’t climb. Luckily, most of the trip did not require that skill.

Now, nearly 2 years later, I set out to accomplish my next challenge: to hike and shoot Alaska. Since I still have difficult navigating stairs without pain or rails, this will indeed be a challenge…as my knee is still weak and full of crepitations.

However I just may have found my ace in the hole.

A couple days ago, I added a ‘secret ingredient’ to my training. And if today’s jaunt up the stairs (with several bags in hand) essentially with minimal pain is any indication, I will indeed be able to accomplish this dream.

patagonia ice fileds  ushuaia    

This is the first in an ongoing series. It will detail the steps I will be taking to get physically prepared for this challenge…including my training and what I’m doing to drop the pounds and get into better shape.

I’ll also share more pictures of my trips to Patagonia in it.

Hey…I can only believe that when I’m standing in Alaska 4 months from now, that the journey (pain) will be worth it. I’ve already paid my deposit!

So, stay tuned for the updates.
Onward to Alaska!

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