What Are You Doing?

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It’s been a VERY busy month. Heck, it’s been a busy year.

We are just about to start the last quarter of 2009. The moon is nearing 1/2 mast. Fall colors are starting the permeate the air.  And that means winter isn’t far behind. Steamboat already has had a dusting.


 Where are you now in your life…in your goals? And…what are you doing to move closer to what you want?

What are you doing? Nothing? The same old thing?

Time to take another look at exactly WHAT you want and whether it’s worth pursuing…whether it’s worth attaining…and DECIDE to either get off your butt and get it done OR……be OK with just being as you are…complacent…comfortable…not really itchin’ to make it happen

……not really.

It’s OK..at least you decided to decide to do nothing!Only you have to be ok with the consequences of that inaction.


What are you doin’?

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