Microwaved Water Kills: See The Experiment

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the microwave experiment I’ve been reading the discussion about my previous article on the dangers of microwave ovens and how I believe they are very bad for your health. It’s interesting how some people justify their continued use of them by stating that there is no definitive proof that they are bad!

One guy even stated that there are no studies that SHOW that they are bad for people…and until he saw one, he would just keep consuming microwaved foods.

Hummm…isn’t that where deductive reasoning is SUPPOSED to come in???

Well THAT was actually a pretty ludicrous statement because ‘they’ CANNOT do a study on humans whose KNOWN end results would be DAMAGE to the human! Plus, that experiment would have to go on for what, potentially YEARS, maybe even decades, just to prove it’s bad.

That’s what lower animals studies are for. They’ve already shown problems with microwaves in animals.

But maybe evidence from the plant kingdom will suffice?

Several years ago, I recalled seeing an experiment an elementary school kid did on the effects of cooled microwave water on plants. This was not her original concept. She had HEARD of the experiment and wanted to repeat it as her science fair project. Her grandfather helped her document it.

This experiment took place over a period of about 10 days. Why 10 days? Because that’s ALL it took for the microwaved water to KILL the plant.

Take a look at the study here. If a child could prove that microwaves are bad for the most basic green living organism (plants), then the corollary is that substance (microwaved water) is most definitely bad for a more highly evolved one (man).

Final question: How much water is in the human body? I wonder, if microwaves affect the water in your body just like the plant, what would that results be?

Not good!

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