What’s A Hema?

Written by dr. j. Posted in Humor

whats-a-hema.jpgNow that I’m back from a week long move, 18 hours of it in the past day, I was posed with the question, “What’s a Hema?”

I was surely stumped by this. One of my friends sent me the link below as an explaination. It’s pure eye candy so, take a jump over and be amazed at what one extraordinarily creative web designer can do.

Find out the answer to the question. “What’s A Hema?”

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  • simon


    “Hema” is a convenience store chain based and from the Netherlands.
    Their shops have a nice no-nonsense yet stylish appeal, and it’s considered to be the “standard” shop to buy “those goods evryone uses” while still buying top quality product.
    The emphasis on combining quality – style-function while affordable low budget prices is what keeps people coming, aside from their first class baked goods.

    Hema isnt just a website 🙂


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