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Disturbing Statistic: 1 Percent In Prisons

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For the first time in American history, more than 1% of the population is inchain gang jail or prison – that is 1 in 100 adults.

In a shocking report released by the Pew Center on the States’ Public Safety Performance Project, 2,319,258 adults were held in American prisons or jails at the beginning

Taebo Amped: It Ain’t Your Grandma’s Workout

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I finally got off my duff and ordered Taebo Amped. I have get taebo amped several versions of   Taebo, most of which I misplaced during prior moves. So I was anxious to try this one.

I’ve wanted to just go and pick it up in the store but didn’t feel like hassling with trying to find it. So I let my mouse do the walking and bought it on eBay. I had it in my hands in a couple days.

"Is Taebo Amped all hype or is it really something different?"

Well, if you’re REALLY looking for core training that

Where I’ll Be: The Fun Of Moving

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Just in case you wonder where the heck Jack’s gone, I’ll be moving starting tonight.  But the bulk of the move will take place this weekend. I could lose a couple days of internet access though (I’ll cross my fingers). Comcast usually comes through with shining colors. So I anticipate that re-connecting broadband will be a non-event.

After getting caught TWICE in the past week in white out conditions (full of drivers that were more foolish than stupid), I’ll finally be able to cut that drive in 1/2… and have the option of using use back roads just in case there’s

A Reward For Battling Winter’s Wrath

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dominican beach
If you’ve been having a trying time this week with sleet, freezing rain, subzero  weather (aka the arctic blast) or blizzards, like the one I was stuck in for nearly 4 hours tonight, here’s a little reward for putting up a good fight. Call it a mental status break or what. Here’s a little